Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

For those who do not know what dry shampoo is it is a substance that cleans your hair without the need of using water. So it is like having to clean your hair with the type of shampoo that does not require you to take a shower. Pretty convienent tool to have by your side if your the type who is trying not to damage your hair as much or if your hair naturally produces a lot of oils(due to overtime usage of products) then dry shampoo is for you.

I've been on the hunt for my HG dry shampoo but so far no luck but I wanted to give my two cents on this Batiste Dry Shampoo. First thing I like about this product is that it works if you shake it well enough. If you don't then it'll just leave white little flakes in your hair making it look like you have dandruff and we're not trying to achieve that. Other than that it works if shaken well. Also it is not to expensive so if you are looking for something cheap and does the job I think this one is it for you

The only down side about this clean and classic original is the smell. I don't really like the smell of it, but it beats others that I had. It smells like a strong detergent smell I'm not sure how to describe it but that is the best description I can give it. I chose this original because Batiste has other dry shampoos for certain hair colors and at the time I bought this I was changing my hair color a lot and I was afraid it'll leave color residue and I did not want it to show so I chose the original.

Overall I think this product is okay it gets the job done of having clean hair but I wouldn't say I'm crazy about this product. If I were to rate it, out of five, I would give it a 4 because it works well enough.

- Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

I'll continue on with my journey to find my HG dry shampoo but till then I have this bad boy to finish! Bye! ;)

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