Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oswald West State Park

A little different from the usual Oregon hikes: Oswald West State Park. Located at the coast of Oregon, just a few miles south of Cannon Beach. Getting there is a easy, just a hour and a half drive from Portland and easy to locate with the GPS. There are four parking spots for the state park(its that huge) and one of the parking spots are a rest area(that is where I parked) and there is an walk way that leads to the beach and other hiking trails.

My friend and I went and we did not explore all of the state park because of all the walking and the hunger >o< So we mainly explore the Short Sand beach (a popular spots for surfers to go to) and the southern half of the park. We tried to reach to Neahkanie Mountain Summit but we failed to do so because we were tired so we decided to go back since we have already traveled a long way. Even though we did not reach to the top we still had beautiful views of the ocean. I'll be returning to this place again for sure, maybe next summer since Fall is already here, so I can explore more of its' wonders!

Nothing much else to say about this place but go there yourself and explore it! It is such a beautiful place to be! I swear!

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