Hi! My name is Cher and welcome to my blog, Petrichor Affair. I started this blog as a way to share my life with people and a way to help people who are also interested in the things that I am too. Unlike most blogs, I want my blogs to not just about one contents but multiple contents. I want to write reviews on hikes, beauty, my adventures, favorites to share and anything in mind that I find worth sharing on my blog. I don't know who would be interested in all of those in one blog but hey I do and I count right? hahaha! but seriously I hope people find my blog helpful and interesting :)

So a little about me is that I am currently going to college aspiring to be a computer scientist. It's tough work but I know I can make it through. Also I love warm weather because it allows me to be able to go outside and to explore nature. That is why I like hiking so much and be willing to share. Also I am also interest in beauty because as a girl I think it is fun how you can make one transformation to another. Mainly my dream is to see the world because I feel like it'll bring me different perspective in life. The world is fill with so much wonders that I got try to see them all <3

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and don't be afraid of to leave comments I would love to read them. :)

-Cher from Portland

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