Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review: L'oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

Sorry for the MIA! I've been super sick(still am) and been busy with finals, which are finally over! Thank goodness! I thought I would never finish this term. Anyway back to what I've been testing out for a little over a month now the L'oreal True Match Lumi Foundation. I've decided to try L'oreal foundation out after hearing one of my favorite youtuber rave about it. Do some research on which L'oreal foundation to try out I've decided on their True Match Lumi foundation, there are so many good reviews about these so I gave it a try.

While doing some research I try to find my foundation match online then to look in person because I'm one of those people who do not like to pick one out and return the item for another shade, it is such a hassle to do. So what I did was google ways to find my foundation match and I've stumble across this site called Findation. All you do is insert all the foundation that you use that is a match for you and it'll match you with other foundation brands. It is pretty nifty tool I must say! If Findation does not match you with the brand or foundation you want and you know your MAC foundation shade then I suggest to google: mac shade with foundation. Thats what I do with some foundation and so far it has worked pretty well with me.

W for being warm or yellow toned. One thing that I like about L'oreal True Match foundation is that they have such a wide range to offer to all kind of skin tones. I am in the shade W3 in the True Match Lumi Foundation. This foundation gives about a medium coverage and it is build able. I feel like W3 does match me but if I were to build it up it doesn't, it gets darker, which is fine with me cause then I can probably use it for summer and wouldn't have to buy another one. Also I prefer light to medium coverage anyways.

My skin is combination and wearing this foundation does not make me break out or make me oily. You can wear this foundation with or without an primer(I tried both) and it'll last you all day, but it does come off if you were to rub your nose. Not only that it gives you a nice shine to your face that doesn't make your face oily but more of a natural glow. Which is probably why they call it Lumi. Also it has SPF 20 which is great because you won't have to apply sunscreen underneath. :D The days I feel like wearing foundation I tend to reach for this one more and more, and it is probably one of the best liquid foundation I have ever used in my life. I'm more of a powder foundation kind of gal and saying this is huge for me. Usually liquid foundation make me cakey, even with primer on.

I've did not have any unpleasant experience with this product and I think this is a wonderful foundation for the price. It gets the job done. I can see why so many people love this one, and I would recommend this product to people! Give it a try cause it is inexpensive and does the job well as high end brands do. You got nothing to lose by trying this product out. I would give this a 5 out of 5.

Where to buy:
- Loreal True Match Lumi ($12.99)

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