Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

For those who do not know what dry shampoo is it is a substance that cleans your hair without the need of using water. So it is like having to clean your hair with the type of shampoo that does not require you to take a shower. Pretty convienent tool to have by your side if your the type who is trying not to damage your hair as much or if your hair naturally produces a lot of oils(due to overtime usage of products) then dry shampoo is for you.

I've been on the hunt for my HG dry shampoo but so far no luck but I wanted to give my two cents on this Batiste Dry Shampoo. First thing I like about this product is that it works if you shake it well enough. If you don't then it'll just leave white little flakes in your hair making it look like you have dandruff and we're not trying to achieve that. Other than that it works if shaken well. Also it is not to expensive so if you are looking for something cheap and does the job I think this one is it for you

The only down side about this clean and classic original is the smell. I don't really like the smell of it, but it beats others that I had. It smells like a strong detergent smell I'm not sure how to describe it but that is the best description I can give it. I chose this original because Batiste has other dry shampoos for certain hair colors and at the time I bought this I was changing my hair color a lot and I was afraid it'll leave color residue and I did not want it to show so I chose the original.

Overall I think this product is okay it gets the job done of having clean hair but I wouldn't say I'm crazy about this product. If I were to rate it, out of five, I would give it a 4 because it works well enough.

- Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

I'll continue on with my journey to find my HG dry shampoo but till then I have this bad boy to finish! Bye! ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oswald West State Park

A little different from the usual Oregon hikes: Oswald West State Park. Located at the coast of Oregon, just a few miles south of Cannon Beach. Getting there is a easy, just a hour and a half drive from Portland and easy to locate with the GPS. There are four parking spots for the state park(its that huge) and one of the parking spots are a rest area(that is where I parked) and there is an walk way that leads to the beach and other hiking trails.

My friend and I went and we did not explore all of the state park because of all the walking and the hunger >o< So we mainly explore the Short Sand beach (a popular spots for surfers to go to) and the southern half of the park. We tried to reach to Neahkanie Mountain Summit but we failed to do so because we were tired so we decided to go back since we have already traveled a long way. Even though we did not reach to the top we still had beautiful views of the ocean. I'll be returning to this place again for sure, maybe next summer since Fall is already here, so I can explore more of its' wonders!

Nothing much else to say about this place but go there yourself and explore it! It is such a beautiful place to be! I swear!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

This is all about treating your lips right with Vaseline! Thats right Vaseline, it may sound weird to some of you but it works trust me! I've been using a travel size Vaseline jar that I got from the store for about a year now and I've been using as a lip balm in the morning and the night. Doing this makes my lips not chap and dry because I tend to have dry and flaky lips (eww I know but it happens lol). Now that Vaseline have release a lip therapy line I've always wanted to try it for like a year now and now is the time that I try them ;) to see what they're all about.

So Vaseline released three kinds of lip therapy products: original, cocoa butter, and rosy lips. The original is Vaseline original formula product that they put in the little jar and this is my favorite one out of all them. For me I feel like the original works more, my lips does not feel as tight after a few minutes like the other two. As for the cocoa butter it just has a hint of cocoa butter in it and the consistency of this one is a little more stiff. As for the rosy lips consistency is really loose(?), the first time I put my finger in the jar to put some on my lips my finger slipped and I got to much. The consistency for all three are different which threw me off but it wasn't really a deal breaker for me.

About Vaseline's rosy lips when you put it on it gives your lips a nice tad bit tint to your lips which I like because I feel like my lips can have this dull color. Putting this on makes my lips not look dead so thats a plus for this one. As for cocoa butter it have a nice cocoa smell and clear on the lips which is also a good thing if you do not want a tiny tint to your lips.

One more thing about all three of them is the feel when you put them on your lip is quite different from the original. The original feels like it does not make your skin feel tight after a few minutes and it sits longer on your lips. As for the other two after a few minutes it kind of tightens your lips but still moisturize but I feel like it does not moisturize as much as the original one.

You can purchase these for less than $2 and I'll post a link where you can get them:
- Original
- Rosy Lips
- Cocoa Butter

Oh and another thing is I have a awesome tip for those people who self dye their hair: Use vaseline(the original) all around your hairline where you do not want to dye your skin. Leave it on your skin till you are done with dying your hair then remove it with cloth and your skin shall be protected from the dye :)

Now it is time for me to continue watching Revenge, I AM HOOKED ON THIS SHOW!! Bye lovelies! <3

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eagle Creek Trail - Punch Bowl Fall

Hello! This time I'm going to talk about one of the famous gorge hike in Oregon and that is the Eagle Creek Trail. This trail is about 20+ mile all around but I choose to not go all the way and just reach to the Punch Bowl Fall and turn back around due to the fact that I don't really have the gear. I've read that there are a lot of places that you can reach up to on Eagle Creek Trail but I think I might save that for another day.

First off with direction it is easily accessible on the GPS, all you have to do is type in Eagle Creek Trail. When you get there you will have to pay a fee for being there, Since I was only there for a day I had to pay $5(in cash). There are two parking lot: the first one you'll see with a bathroom building and a camp site, the other is if you go past the first parking lot mentioned and follow a road up you'll see another one closer to the trailhead.

2 miles isn't so bad ;P

Be careful the trail can get a narrow but at those parts there will be metal rope for you to hold on to if the ground seems to slippery(rainy season). Luckily it was a good day when my friend and I went :) Also enjoy the view as you go along and take in the scenery.

Along the way to the Punch Bowl, if you pay attention, there will be a trail on the right side that leads to a viewpoint of Metlako Falls. I believe there is no way for you to get close to it but you can get a good view of it from the side of the fall which is pretty amazing.

make sure you pay attention to signs!
Going back to the main trail just about half a mile you'll reach the lower Punch Bowl Falls! The most exciting part as you go down some man made stairs you'll first see a stream going down into a little water fall. If you go against the way the water is going you'll be able to see the Punch Bowl Fall. This place is just plain beautiful and it kind of reminds me of a cave even though it isn't. I hope you guys get what I mean when you get the chance to see it or maybe it's just me, hahaha.

It was such a great experience and such a great hike to share with friends and family, it was super easy, there wasn't much difficulties to it. Next time for sure I'll try to go all the way to the lake! Now I must go and read the latest Naruto chapter, have an awesome day lovelies! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oneonta Gorge

Hello again! Today I'll be posting about Oneonta Gorge! One of the Seven Wonder of Oregon, which I will be posting about later. Oneonta Gorge is a really popular trail because its short and great way to stay cool in the summer so be careful when you go because it can get crowded especially on the weekends.

To get to Oneonta Gorge you can perfectly well type in Oneonta Gorge in your gps and it will show up. You'll get there without any troubles. To know that when you get there is when you see a bridge and a wooden tunnel next to each other. When I first came here I find it somewhat hard to find the sign but maybe because I was driving but overall it is not that difficult to find. When you find a place to park go back to the bridge and on either side go down. Right side of the bridge has stairs going down while the left doesn't, its just dirt, but still manageable to get down. There you start the trail of Oneonta Gorge.

This trail was marked as difficult because you will be needing to work your way between logs which is the most tricky part of this whole trail.

the back view of log stack

Then from there it should be quite simple walking through water so prepare to get your feet wet. In the middle of the trail you'll reach a point where the trail where the water gets deeper. The water is five feet deep, give or take, and what I find it easy is to go right in the middle because there are less rocks you'll trip on. If you go towards the right wall you'll run into a big rock underneath so be careful.

Here is a picture of my friend going through the deep waters while people try to get by it by climbing, hahaha!

After that it is all smooth sailing and you rewarded your self with a awesome waterfall! See simple right? :D One of the best trail in Oregon. Make sure to build yourself a rock tower while you're there as many people have done them on the left side of the wall.

The waterfall(water too cold to get closer >.<)

Our rock tower :)

I hope you like my post and here are some extra photos that I've taken(fyi these picture are not edited or anything, all original):

Thursday, September 4, 2014

FIRST!!! - Dry Creek Falls Hike

Hello all! This is my first post and I would like to share with you guys my hike to Dry Creek Falls in the Gorge. Since this is my first hike post I would like to share you my experience being there and some direction help so it can help others who are also looking for a way to get there. First of all for direction I looked online of where I can get an address, as for most hikes there isn't an address at time when you search it up on your maps on your phone, so if you are going to use an phone to get there what I did was type in: Harvey in Cascade Locks, OR 97014 (added a little more info that I actually put ;)) So hopefully that should help you guys if you guys are ever on the go! One thing you should know is that there is a parking spot for this trail the direction that the GPS actually leads you to the EXACT location of the starting point of the trail which isn't what you want because there are no parking. So just a heads up, so you didn't make the same mistake as I did and park around the neighborhood, after you pass the Bridge of the Gods shortly you'll a parking lot for you to park it is right next to a restaurant. So after you park you should cross the street and see a path and shortly you should see your self under a bridge with a sign looking like this:

And so you would want to follow the sign that says Pacific Crest Trail South to the left of the sign till you reach another sign on the left that looks like this:

From there you just enter the forest and follow the trail. It should be about 2 miles before you hit another junction :) The junction would involve a bridge to the left and a path to the right. Now here is the part where my crew and I made the mistake and got excited to cross the bridge! The thing is if you want to get to Dry Creek Falls you'll have to NOT cross the bridge! Hahaha! I know its tempting to cross the bridge! its a bridge for Petes sake! who wouldn't want to cross a bridge! Due to our excitement did not see the sign which made us go onto a different route that it took us two miles in to realize that we have gone the wrong way! it became a different path! it was so heartbreaking to learn that all our hard work was wasted on the wrong trail. That is what you get for ignoring the signs and getting excited to cross a bridge, hahaha! I took a picture so you'll know:

So people... Take the path to the RIGHT if you want to reach to the Dry Creek Fall! From the bridge it is only 1/2 mile, which isn't so bad. Once you have reach the end you shall see something so marvelous that you were glad that you took the time to take a wrong turn and back again to make the right one :) and here I present you the Dry Creek Fall:

And here are a few extra photos that I took along the way and I hope you enjoy them!:

Also to top it all off I ended my day with ramen at Boke Bowl, with a side of pork belly bun, after a good 6~ mile hike! it was a little bit salty but it hit the spot!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first blog post! I know my writing isn't to great writing isn't really my forte, but I hope that blogging will make it better. Also sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken on my iPhone and probably every future pictures will, hahaha! I'm a college student and I'm just using what I got. Maybe one day I'll save enough money to buy myself a camera and share you guys my adventures. In the mean while relax and enjoy whats left of summer. :)