Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oneonta Gorge

Hello again! Today I'll be posting about Oneonta Gorge! One of the Seven Wonder of Oregon, which I will be posting about later. Oneonta Gorge is a really popular trail because its short and great way to stay cool in the summer so be careful when you go because it can get crowded especially on the weekends.

To get to Oneonta Gorge you can perfectly well type in Oneonta Gorge in your gps and it will show up. You'll get there without any troubles. To know that when you get there is when you see a bridge and a wooden tunnel next to each other. When I first came here I find it somewhat hard to find the sign but maybe because I was driving but overall it is not that difficult to find. When you find a place to park go back to the bridge and on either side go down. Right side of the bridge has stairs going down while the left doesn't, its just dirt, but still manageable to get down. There you start the trail of Oneonta Gorge.

This trail was marked as difficult because you will be needing to work your way between logs which is the most tricky part of this whole trail.

the back view of log stack

Then from there it should be quite simple walking through water so prepare to get your feet wet. In the middle of the trail you'll reach a point where the trail where the water gets deeper. The water is five feet deep, give or take, and what I find it easy is to go right in the middle because there are less rocks you'll trip on. If you go towards the right wall you'll run into a big rock underneath so be careful.

Here is a picture of my friend going through the deep waters while people try to get by it by climbing, hahaha!

After that it is all smooth sailing and you rewarded your self with a awesome waterfall! See simple right? :D One of the best trail in Oregon. Make sure to build yourself a rock tower while you're there as many people have done them on the left side of the wall.

The waterfall(water too cold to get closer >.<)

Our rock tower :)

I hope you like my post and here are some extra photos that I've taken(fyi these picture are not edited or anything, all original):

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