Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vista House

If you ever visit Oregon and want to see a little bit of its wonder but don't want to really hike for it then I think you'll enjoy Vista House at the Gorge that is part of the Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway. All you do is drive up to the Vista House viewpoint and you'll see the beautiful Gorge but in my opinion the Gorge gets more beautiful the more down you go the river.

Overall I still think its an awesome viewpoint to visit because of the beautiful house and the view. When I went there was a lot of people but at this time of the year they'll probably be less because of the weather but I'm sure theres parking for everyone :)

A short post but somethings are meant to be short and simple. The weather in Oregon has been rather really rainy so I haven't been outside, plus there school, but I've have some places in mind to visit despite the weather. Stay tune! Until next time :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review: LUSH lip scrub - love thy lips!

I'm back again with another review! Lately I've been into lipsticks, I'm not really a lipstick kind of gal, but I just thought I would step outside of my bubble a bit. A bought a few(maybe more than a few...) lipsticks to try out but when I tried them on it didn't look right. My lips looked chappy when I applied lipstick on, especially pink lipsticks. Of course the only solution to fix this ratchet look (xD) is to have my lips exfoliated.

I know there are homemade lip scrubs out there but I've tried it once and it was just to messy for my taste. I believed I tried making the homemade lip scrub out of sugar, honey, and vaseline but I just end up throwing it away it didn't do my lips justice. Then I've tried scrubbing my lips with a toothbrush but I didn't like the idea and it hurts my lip's skin, but I think brushing your lips would be the cheapest option for exfoliating your lips.

In the end I decided to go buy a lip scrub from LUSH because I've read so many good reviews about their lip scrub. I went to my closest LUSH boutique and purchase the Mint Julips lip scrub for $9.95. One thing that I like about LUSH is that they're products are all made of natural ingredients. Mint Julips is made out of castor sugar, jojoba oil, vanilla extract, etageres oil, peppermint oil, and limonene. There are two more kinds of lip scrub, Bubblegum and Popcorn, but I chose Mint Julips because I like that cooling feel after you scrub your lips like the feeling after you brush your teeth :D

I've been trying this product since the beginning of this month and it makes my lips flawless! At night time or in the morning I use the LUSH's lip scrub, every other day, and apply lip balm after wards. Thus making my lips looking kissable and free of a chappy look.

Also a little cool little fact about LUSH's lip scrub is that they are edible so if you want you can just eat it right out of the jar or from your lips ;P

- LUSH's Mint Julips lip scrub $9.95

Down to business I would overall rate this bad boy 5 out of 5! Because it is that freakin awesome of a product. Forever repurchasing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's a #GIRLBOSS?

Hello there! I just want to let you guys know what I've been enjoying! It's not make-up related or anything, it's a book! I've finished reading this hilarious/serious and such an inspiring book called #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. Sophia writes about how her life was before, during her start of her company, and currently of Nasty Gal. For those who do not know Nasty Gal, no its not a pervert site, it is a clothing store that sells women clothing online. Sophia built Nasty Gal from the ground up by starting her own online store on Ebay then from there it grew into a multimillion dollar company and she talks more in depth about how she did it in her book.

Not only does she talk about her company she also talks about her life before Nasty Gal and about what kind of person she was back then. Her talking about her self before Nasty Gal made her more relatable to me because I feel like even though I may view myself different from others that I too can also make it big in the world and that I do not need to be the same as everyone else. If a book can make me feel pretty damn special and inspire me to work my ass off then that book needs to be shared because not all books can do that! Sophia pretty much tells you how to be a #GIRLBOSS, hint her title, and how to work in the real world.

Plus this book is such an extremely easy read, I basically breeze through this book while at the same time memorize the things this book has to offer. It is not one of those books where they tell you how to build your own company, its about how to be a #GIRLBOSS. If you do not know what a #GIRLBOSS is then read it I'm not going to tell you.

So get this book and read it! I highly recommend it. Guy or girl, it doesn't matter, this book will change how you view things in life and inspire you to work harder than ever.

- #GIRLBOSS ( oh you know you want it ;} )

Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

Right now I'm going to talk about a miracle here. If you have hooded lids that doesn't show your eyelashes or have short eyelashes or both then you got to try this baby out: Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. I bought this a few months back after deciding that I got to do something for my lashes because mascara itself wasn't helping. Also I was not ready to commit to wearing eyelashes because I have to cut them to make them fit my eye shape and the effort to put it on properly, it takes a lot of concentration and time that I sometimes do not have. I'm a low maintenance kind of girl and if you are to and don't mind adding another step to your routine then get this!

It is so easy to put on just a few coat of the lash primer and wait a few second then go in with your favorite mascara(I like to put on multiple coast :P) and walla! magic! You will never go back to just wearing mascara it is worth the investment. I would give this product a five out a five because not only does it give me longer eye lashes but also helps with mascara's fallout so I don't have to worry about my fall outs later in the day. Here are two photos to show that I'm telling the truth, a before and after photo:

Before primer

After primer and mascara

- Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum $28.50