Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vista House

If you ever visit Oregon and want to see a little bit of its wonder but don't want to really hike for it then I think you'll enjoy Vista House at the Gorge that is part of the Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway. All you do is drive up to the Vista House viewpoint and you'll see the beautiful Gorge but in my opinion the Gorge gets more beautiful the more down you go the river.

Overall I still think its an awesome viewpoint to visit because of the beautiful house and the view. When I went there was a lot of people but at this time of the year they'll probably be less because of the weather but I'm sure theres parking for everyone :)

A short post but somethings are meant to be short and simple. The weather in Oregon has been rather really rainy so I haven't been outside, plus there school, but I've have some places in mind to visit despite the weather. Stay tune! Until next time :)

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