Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy Review

This is all about treating your lips right with Vaseline! Thats right Vaseline, it may sound weird to some of you but it works trust me! I've been using a travel size Vaseline jar that I got from the store for about a year now and I've been using as a lip balm in the morning and the night. Doing this makes my lips not chap and dry because I tend to have dry and flaky lips (eww I know but it happens lol). Now that Vaseline have release a lip therapy line I've always wanted to try it for like a year now and now is the time that I try them ;) to see what they're all about.

So Vaseline released three kinds of lip therapy products: original, cocoa butter, and rosy lips. The original is Vaseline original formula product that they put in the little jar and this is my favorite one out of all them. For me I feel like the original works more, my lips does not feel as tight after a few minutes like the other two. As for the cocoa butter it just has a hint of cocoa butter in it and the consistency of this one is a little more stiff. As for the rosy lips consistency is really loose(?), the first time I put my finger in the jar to put some on my lips my finger slipped and I got to much. The consistency for all three are different which threw me off but it wasn't really a deal breaker for me.

About Vaseline's rosy lips when you put it on it gives your lips a nice tad bit tint to your lips which I like because I feel like my lips can have this dull color. Putting this on makes my lips not look dead so thats a plus for this one. As for cocoa butter it have a nice cocoa smell and clear on the lips which is also a good thing if you do not want a tiny tint to your lips.

One more thing about all three of them is the feel when you put them on your lip is quite different from the original. The original feels like it does not make your skin feel tight after a few minutes and it sits longer on your lips. As for the other two after a few minutes it kind of tightens your lips but still moisturize but I feel like it does not moisturize as much as the original one.

You can purchase these for less than $2 and I'll post a link where you can get them:
- Original
- Rosy Lips
- Cocoa Butter

Oh and another thing is I have a awesome tip for those people who self dye their hair: Use vaseline(the original) all around your hairline where you do not want to dye your skin. Leave it on your skin till you are done with dying your hair then remove it with cloth and your skin shall be protected from the dye :)

Now it is time for me to continue watching Revenge, I AM HOOKED ON THIS SHOW!! Bye lovelies! <3

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