Monday, December 1, 2014

Maybelline Brow Drama Review

Hi! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend. Today I'll be reviewing the Maybelline's Brow Drama in Deep Brown. The main point of me purchasing this product was for me to match my eyebrow hair color to my hair color cause I have dyed it to a lighter brown. My natural hair color is a very dark brown and another reason I got this is to find a cheaper alternative. I have fine hair and my eyebrows are okay... I don't lack hair but it still needs to be filled in to have that fullness of a look if that makes any sense...

Continuing on with the review! I'll start with the pros of this product. First thing that I liked about this product is that it was cheap (thats a plus in my book). Also it holds the hairs in place cause my eyebrow hairs are usually pointing in different directions and it takes me awhile to tame them.

That was quick, now to the cons and one of them being that it did not help change the color of my eyebrows, not even a tint. Maybe it is because Deep Brown is to dark for my eyebrows to change it or maybe because the shape of the wand is too round that I can't apply the product on as well as I want to on my brows. I'm like literally going over my brows multiple times hoping it would change. The wand is a little awkward to work with, when I first did it I got some product on my skin while applying. After a few tries I learn it is best to do it with a light hand so I don't get it on my skin. I feel like if you have thinner eyebrows or to almost no eyebrows this product would not be for you because the end of the wand would be bigger than your eyebrows so you would have the product everywhere. Even if you filled in your eyebrows first and go in with this product, there is just no control of where you want to apply the product.

I would show you guys an after and before picture of what it looks like on my eyebrows but it looks the same. It isn't worth showing, it doesn't look like it was filled or anything. Overall I would give this product a two out of five stars. My reasoning for giving it a two is that at least it tamed my eyebrows throughout the day but other than that it just didn't do what I wanted it to do originally. I'll continue to use it(I don't like wasting products unless I absolutely hate it) to help tame my eyebrows and I'll just go in with pencil or something to actually fill them in.

This was a good effort on Maybelline's part on trying to make an eyebrow mascara like product(this is their first) and I hope they continue to making them cause I know they'll just get better as time goes on.

Where to buy:
- Maybelline Brow Drama ($7.99)

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