Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Review

I've never ever used any kind of "eyeshadow" product other than pressed pigmented ones that come in pans. NYX, one of my favorite brands, have these eyeshadow products called Jumbo Eye Pencil. Now these have been out for years and I didn't really get my hands on these till recently. It took me so long because I was unsure of how to use them. About a month or so ago Ulta had a small sale on some NYX products and I decided to buy two Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk and Cashmere. (I love NYX's cashmere color)

I got to say is that these are really pigmented (as you will be able to tell on my swatches picture down below). I really love how rich the colors are. Milk really comes out white and I don't think any regular white eyeshadow would ever come out like this. Also Cashmere comes out this beautiful shimmery color that I adore even though I think its more gold color than Cashmere but I don't mind it I still love the color :).

I used Milk as a base for my eyeshadows that doesn't seem to appear as much on my eyelids, like those nude skin-like colors. Milk helps eyeshadows show more of their true color which I like. I think a lot of people use Milk for this purpose. As for Cashmere I don't use it as a base like I do with milk, I just put it in my inner corner of my eyelids to give my eyes a little pop or I put it in the middle of my eyelids when I feel like doing a shimmery gold like look.

The down side of these is that they don't quite blend as well as I would like them too. Maybe I'm just use to using eyeshadows but these seem to stick to the skin more so its harder to blend. From experience these are easier to blend with your fingers cause of the warmth from your fingers. Using a brush will sometimes make them look smudgy and even if you try to put eyeshadow on top of these it does not look as good. It has to be smooth out pretty well which is sometimes a challenge.

swatches on my hand: Cashmere / Milk

Overall I would give this product a 4 out of 5 because I think this is a well made product and I love the packaging of these. There was only one downfall and I can honestly live with it. Also it is inexpensive which is one of the reason why I love NYX cause they are cheap and at the same time such good quality products! If you are interested NYX has beautiful color ranges for the Jumbo Eye Pencil that are so lovely you should check them out if you are into really vibrant colors.

To get the product:
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.49)

(background for these photo was taken on one the pages of the magazine AFAR)

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