Sunday, November 16, 2014

The perfect fall nail color: Essie's Who Is The Boss

For some reason I've been feeling kind like a blue but not so blue nail polish, something toned down. (Yes, I have color moods).So I went through my tiny little nail polish collection(mostly consists of Essie because I love them!) and I found to happen to stumble across an old nail polish called Who Is the Boss. It was part of Essie's Wedding Collection in 2012 I believe. So I'm sorry to be sharing a color that is no longer available but I just want to share my current obsession. I've tried looking for it online but it isn't anywhere to be found.

I think Who Is The Boss is the perfect fall nail polish color because its not too bright, or too dark, and it has a nice grey tone to it. And I love grey in the colder weathers because I feel it just go well with the coldness hahaha. Yea I'm not sure what I'm saying, it's just hard to describe the feelings. But anyway it's just my current color mood and I'm just loving it people! It's such a beautiful color. I read the description on the Essie website it describe it as a minty green color but for some reason I see blue, am I color blind?

Since Who Is The Boss is no longer being sold I went and look to find something similar and I found Zoya nail polish that has more of a blue color with a hint of grey nail polish: Zoya - Kristen ($9)

What's your favorite nail polish you like to rock this fall?

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