Saturday, November 8, 2014

Angel's Rest Hike

A popular hike but kind of difficult one. This hike is mostly going up and if you're not in shape then this one might take you about two hours but the view is worth it! If your in top shape then this one might take you an hour or so. Angel's rest is part of the Columbia River Gorge hikes and you get a spectacular view at the very top. To get here from Portland just take I-5 N toward Dalles and then I-84 E toward the Dalles then take exit 28, the Bridal Veil(Which is part of the Historic Columbia River Highway). Taking on exit 28 and the first stop you encounter there should be a parking lot on the right and that should be the spot you park your car. Its right there by the exit so you won't have trouble finding it. Or if you're not that great with written directions just GPS it it should be there on the map.

You should see a sign(like the image above) and see how far from the beginning to the top of Angel's Rest is, which isn't so bad. When you start the trail in the beginning you'll meet two paths and take the one to the left or go to the one thats straight to the path that you are on. Then the path should be pretty straight forward from here. :)

I went to Angel's Hike when it was Fall so that explains some trees being naked :x but its still a beautiful place, but I prefer this place in the summer :) I'm going to stop chit chatting now and let you enjoy the rest. I hope I encourage you to go out and explore your own backyard :)

You don't need hiking shoes to hike :) and running shoes will do

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